SNWevents exhibits company is a trusted events management company. We provide the highest quality services from creative conceptualization, design, print & fabrication, talents management, to logistical execution for events at competitive pricing.
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Event Planning and Management Company in Singapore



SNW Events is an Event Planning and Management Company in Singapore. Our Objectives are to develop concepts that inspire and execute your event in the most professional, yet cost-effective manner.

This is achieved through the combined experience in managing successful projects with our team who emphasizes our client's needs, from conceptualization to execution.



To establish ourselves as Singapore's Number 1 events management and solutions provider with our imbued values of integrity, professionalism, and results-oriented service. We approach projects with our culture of always providing 'Consummate Solutions' and practicing 'Strategic Integration'.


Corporate Events

At SNW Events we provide corporate event arrangements, as per your requirements, and we make sure to transform your imagination into a practical concept. In addition, we also assist in the form of manpower service provider. We are known for years of excellence, and we aim to make sure that your event is well remembered.

From the start to the execution day, we have it all covered for you. We know that every event is different from others, and we specialize in tailoring our approaches for everyone; you may also choose to modify in any way, that event to reflect your corporate identity and culture. Our experts will walk with you in every step, from planning to the event day, and even after that. Our clients are our topmost priority, and when it comes to making your event successful, we don’t take any chances.

Event Production & Exhibits Company

SNW Events has had over 14 years of experience in event managing and event production. We always provide our customers with a crew of experts to nail all elements of your event perfectly. We understand how important it is for you to have pictures and videos of your event to look back and cherish those wonderful memories, therefore we have the perfect team and equipment to capture your memories in beautiful stills that you may look back and remind yourself of that great time.

Event & Exhibition Set Up in Singapore

We believe that Exhibition events for people in a business context are very beneficial for commercial relationships and business. A well-organized exhibition is a cherry on top. An exhibition will reflect your personality through its outlook, so make sure to organize the best exhibition the town has ever seen! We at SNW events have mastered the art of organizing well-developed, and successful exhibitions that leave an exceptional and positive impact on the people attending the exhibition, which results in new contracts. Our team will transform your vision into reality; we have a wide variety of displays, name cards, posters, backdrops, booths, and provide fabrication for many other kinds of exhibition collateral from which you may choose to spruce up your event. Displays and decorations are the first things that people notice and they should accurately reflect your brand identity.

Custom Trade Shows

Can you think of the last trade show you went to and do you remember how many people attended it? We at SNW Events take pride in thinking out of the box and in always bringing something that companies don’t usually experience with their run-of-the-mill event contractors. We assist our customers by not only setting them up and preparing them for a successful trade show, but we also give our best to make that show remarkable and memorable. We help you come up with the best plan concerning the niches of your particular market. By organizing the best trade show in town, as per your customized market requirements, we are sure that you will come back to us again for future events!

Project Management Services

When it comes to project management services, we take pride knowing that we have been around for one of the longest, and in being the most successful in achieving client satisfaction. We at SNW Events provide detailed project management services that are tailored and customized according to your liking. We believe that conversation with you is important because it greatly helps elevate the levels of our service. Moreover, we strive to keep in consideration all your wishes and demands and we seek to deliver maximum satisfaction within the set time and budget. We will never leave you alone from the time of planning till the event day (and after, should post-event services be required) - We will always be there for you. Each of our project managers has years of experience in managing a wide repertoire of projects, and we are always looking to mount a new challenge!

Logistics Support Services & Manpower Service Provider

From conferences and seminars to fairs and carnivals, we are ready to support your event in whatever way you require, such as in transporting your items to and from the event. Our logistical facilities are modernized and streamlined to guarantee that you receive your items with as little delay as possible, with the most competitive pricing.

Sports Event Management Company

When it comes to sporting events, we have the complete package to get you covered. We started as a sports management company, and with our extensive sport management services, we guarantee the best value you will find in the market. From gym and pool maintenance, the provision of physical and sports trainers, to supporting events such as marathons and fitness assessments, we cater to all kinds of sports events. With our experienced team of experts who are aware of all the nitty-gritty regarding sports management and events, we are sure to manage your event as per its scope and scale. We are committed to ensuring that you have a well-executed event - where we take care of everything and you lay back and relax.

Gym Equipment Maintenance

We understand the importance of well-maintained equipment; SNW Events’ gym management covers all areas of running and maintaining a gym. We are always looking to make betterments in the facilities we manage that are aligned with changing times. We aim to let your patrons enjoy improved, and high-quality gym facilities. We also provide expert trainers to assist our clients to achieve their fitness goals; having the assistance of these experts will not only allow you to develop the correct practice and techniques to train but also reduce any accidents that might be caused otherwise by improper workout habits. Apart from personal trainers, we also supply manpower to manage your gym’s daily operations and to make sure that equipment and facilities are up to par. Additionally, we do provide customized fitness plans at SNW Events because we understand that everybody's fitness goals and physique are different. Our gym equipment maintenance includes: conducting regular equipment checks, replacing old or broken equipment, and purchasing new equipment when needed.

Sports Instructors

There has since been an increase in awareness regarding the benefits of having sports and fitness instructors. At SNW Events our qualified instructors are highly trained and experienced; they are also CPR and AED certified and will execute their knowledge as per the requirement of the sport. The responsibilities of our sports and fitness instructors are, but are not limited to: Developing and conducting training programs, educating participants on the rules for that specific sport, technical terms, and proper techniques for that sport, carrying out physical conditioning sessions that are catered to a participant’s age and fitness level, demonstrating the proper way to handle equipment, modifying training sessions to suit specific needs of participants or athletes, regularly monitoring on-going training and providing feedback when necessary, and alertness and readiness to respond in the event of an emergency or injury.

Swimming Pool Management & Lifeguard

Our main focus for any sport is safety, and when it comes to safety, swimming requires much attention and precaution. SNW Events is the leading Swimming Pool Management company in Singapore and we provide management of all kinds of swimming pools and equipment. Our pool management service includes regular pool inspections and maintenance, repairs and installations, as well as swimming lessons provided by certified instructors, lifeguard services, and more.




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