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We at SNW Events are a leading provider of Corporate Event Entertainment planning & management services in Singapore. For the last 14 years, we have been recognised for our excellence in the event management field. We also make sure that you get the best quality coverage of your event, so you can look back at the day and see how perfect and memorable it was.

We understand that in this era of technology where everyone expects recorded material to be available for perusal, having pictures and videos is of prime importance. To ensure your big event has the perfect videos and most beautiful photos captured, you can rely on us.

Our speciality lies in providing the most appropriate and effective event production that is relevant to the scale of your event and theme or concept of it. We at SNW Events make sure to be with you throughout your event – from the planning to the execution day. We have experts in the event production field to provide you with the best services as per your requirement and budget. You will not find services up to our value anywhere else in the market.

In these 14 years, we have covered many event productions and have never let any of our clients down. It is no secret that we combine innovation with industry standard equipment and logistics to maximise the efficiency and standard of your event - not only to appear fantastic but to also leave a lasting impression on your stakeholders. We make sure to listen and note all the important details during consultation sessions so that we may commit to the uniqueness and desired creative direction of the event. We want your personality to be reflected through your event so as to give it a vibe that is unique to your brand or organisation. When we communicate better, it's easier for everyone to be on the same page, and visualise a similar perception of the event.

We have all the equipment, logistics and sourcing that is necessary to make your event stand out. Whether it is 3d or stage lighting, screens, column speakers, set decorations, or customised designs; we have got you covered with our quality tools for every production and setup. As you may have heard, mishaps and unforeseen circumstances sometimes happen during events, however, rest assured, you don't have to worry about any of these as we make sure to check all our equipment thoroughly and run routine maintenance works before we commission them for usage. We are proud of what we do and safety is always a priority.

SNW Events is dedicated to providing a complete service package for organising flawless events. Our employees and partners are committed to keeping on time and budget precisely as you require. It's at the core of what we do to provide services with favoured and satisfactory outcomes. To us, it's more than business - it's closer to our hearts.



• Event Coverage
• Corporate Portraits
• Photobooth
• Personnel Tagger
(VIP Guests, Mascots)


• Event Coverage
• Corporate videos
• Promotional Videos
• Visual Effects
• Animation
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