At SNWevents, we help to provide license application service as part of our event production services. Due to regulations, you may need to apply for particular permits depending on your event production requirements, such as traffic security, venue permits, F&B licenses, public entertainment and copyright issues. We are able to consult with the relevant authorities to see if the permits/licenses are needed for your event and help you to apply for them on your behalf within the specified timeframes.

Often, applying for permits/licenses take time and a lot of paperwork, so with our event management experience, we're glad to be able to advise you correctly and help you to provide this additional service as a value-add for our clients. You do not want to be lacking in the right permits/licenses for your event!

Application of permits/licences includes but is not limited to the following:

• Temporary change of use: From original space to event space
• Compass: Rights to play copyrighted music
• Public entertainment
• Trade fair permit: Food hygiene
• Public display license: Mobile advertising
• Temporary building permit: Customized structure of certain heights requires endorsement
• MDA: For Speech, media, and movie content
• Liquor licensing: Consumption ON or OFF the premises
• Public space
• Fire safety
• Insurance
• Arts entertainment
• Permit to work on public streets
• Police
• Catering

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