Logistics Support Services in Singapore

We believe providing the best service to our clients happens through actions rather than words. We have a comprehensive list of logistical support services from transport and staggered deliveries to setup, teardown and even storage.

The island-wide delivery services provided by us are offered at a very competitive price. Unlike many companies, we provide a delivery and pick up service as part of the price for our transportation service - even on weekends and public holidays. We make sure to provide our clients with the best service, so they do not have to look anywhere else. We know that sometimes, there might be a need for urgent and short noticed transportation service; moreover, we are available 24/7 at your service with our specialised staff and transportation equipment.

From conferences and seminars to fairs and carnivals, we provide logistical support services to not only help you with the delivery of items to, and from the location, but also the setting up and tearing down of your event - especially for oversized and (non-fragile) bulky items.

Let us take charge of the hassle of transporting your large bulky items, so you may concentrate on other aspects of the project. Our delivery services are streamlined to ensure that you receive your items with as little delay as possible as we understand that how agonising and unprofessional it is to wait for delayed arrivals. Hence we always make sure to deliver items on time.

We provide the transport of personnel for your event, be they VIPs or staff. We have a variety of travel alternatives that may be required for the scale and type of event and provide a lot more than just passenger vehicles. We also offer limousines, buses, trucks and lorries depending on the needs of your event. Limousine services provided by us are best suited for VIP guests or speakers to add that exclusive touch to your premium event while shuttle bus/vans may be provided to ferry passengers across the island to and from various locales. We at SNW events also offer transportation facilitation to and from the airport to accommodate your global stakeholders.

We also provide temporary storage for your goods, equipment, or collateral of any size as a part of our logistics support service with our charges depending on the size of your items, the duration, and any additional requests or demands you may have.

This would be especially suitable for companies looking to store their bulky items from past events or activations that might be reused again for future projects. Our storage space is affordable, accessible, and safe; moreover, our clients will not have to worry about their items, as we will keep them as we would keep our own belongings.

Leave with us the trouble of storing bulky products and use that extra room at your place more efficiently!

We provide delivery services at a net price. Delivery and pick up services are also available during weekends and public holidays. 

From conferences and seminars to fairs and carnivals, we provide logistical support services to help you with the delivery of items to, and from the setting up and tearing down of your event - especially for oversized and (non-fragile) bulky items. Our delivery services are streamlined to ensure that you receive your items with as little delay as possible.

We have a range of transportation options not limited to passenger cars, limousines, buses, vans and lorries that may be needed for your event. These ground transportation services are suitable for both small and large groups, depending on your requirements.

Limousine services are best suited for VIP guests, to give that exclusive touch to your premium event, while shuttle bus/van services to and from different event locations across the island may be arranged. We are also able to arrange transportation services to and from the airport to pick up your international guests. Lorry transport services are reserved for moving your bulky items.

With our transport services, we ensure that your guests are shuttled efficiently and safely to the right destinations within the comfort of an air-conditioned vehicle.

As part of our logistical support services, we provide temporary storage solutions for your items of any size. Our rates are based on the size of the item, the duration of storage and other special requests if specified.

For businesses, the ability to store your large items from previous events or inventory allows for peace of mind and convenience, as we provide a safe and secure storage facility that is both accessible and affordable.

Leave the hassle of storing bulky items with us and have a more efficient use of your company's space!

We may arrange accommodation services such as the booking of office spaces, hotels, and apartments for short term use. This could be bulk bookings for your company or large groups which may need accommodation in Singapore.

We may also make recommendations on which office spaces or hotels are most suited to your budget. By booking through us, we would handle all logistics and planning, allowing you to save time and effort. Our services include the coordination with the hotel on room packages and check-in /check-out times so that you may then concentrate on the more essential aspects of planning your event.

At SNW Events, we provide a full range of audio, visual and lighting systems to match the requirements for your professional event production:

  • Visual – LED Screens, TVs, Video Walls
  • Audio – FOH Speakers, Microphones, Subwoofers, Instrument Amplifiers etc.
  • Lights – Wash, Spot, Moving Head

  • W provide AVL equipment on a per day basis, as well as the technician required to manage these systems. We may also advise on the most suitable AVL setup for your event.

    With our quality and regularly maintained equipment, we can promise a smooth sailing event for you. Leave the transport, setup, and organisation of all the equipment to us.

    We provide all necessary manpower needed to support your event, such as:

  • Logistic: Pick up and delivery, installation of artwork/fixtures
  • Part timers/Temp staff: Event helpers of various skills/expertise required for specific niches
  • Driver: Class 3 / Class 4
  • Instructor/Trainers: Catered to specific sports/activities

  • We have years of experience in finding the right staff for any event through the relationships we have built with responsible part timers and relevant manpower. With our expertise and database, we have the ability to source the appropriate staff for you, so that you may concentrate on the more important things!

    We rent various items for your event such as:

  • Tentage
  • Table & chairs
  • Cue pool/Barricade
  • Signage standee
  • Air cooler
  • Mobile toilets

  • *Items not listed may be sourced upon request

    We have a huge repertoire of vendor-partners who are able to provide for niche items so that you don't have to hunt for them. We're also able to recommend suitable amounts or types of the items your event would require. Get in touch with us!

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