Gym Equipment Maintenance

SNWevent’s gym management covers all areas of running and maintaining a gym. We promise to improve your current facility through our years of experience managing gyms throughout Singapore. We provide professional trainers to help your gym-goers reach their target fitness goals. Their expertise in the industry will also reduce potential accidents that might occur.

Apart from the personal trainers, we also supply manpower to manage your gym’s daily operations to make sure that the facility and the gym equipment is kept clean and safe for members to use.

We want your gym to be thriving with enthusiastic gym-goers who are motivated to keep fit and stay healthy. At SNWevents we will work together with them to customize a fitness plan that best suits their current physical condition. In addition, our professional trainers will also organize occasional exercise events and courses to foster a sense of community among gym members.

Our gym equipment maintenance services include conducting regular equipment checking, replacing old or broken equipment, and purchasing new equipment when appropriate.