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At SNW Events, we much enjoy swimming as one of our favourite sports activities; a great exercise to keep you fit and to clear your mind. It is always great to see groups enjoying the clear waters of a swimming pool, but it can sometimes be difficult trying to maintain your pool facility if you do not have the appropriate resources like Pool Lifeguard Singapore. In managing your pool facility, we make sure that all the necessary equipment is serviced, available, and ready when needed for the maintenance of the pool. It can be a real bummer when your swimming session is ruined because of reasons such as blockages or contamination; hence we are always ready for your pool maintenance Singapore services. We have had many successful years in maintaining pools, and our pool maintenance Singapore specialists can fix any of your swimming pool issues as they know it like the back of their hand.

As one of the leading pool management companies in Singapore, SNW Events has been the solution for many facility owners seeking professional swimming pool management. We have been certified with Bizsafe level 3 for our remarkable performance in sports and wellness management.

Our pool management services comprise regular pool inspections that are very important for the health of your pool, and also for your health and safety. An ill-maintained or dirty pool can cause serious illness and health issues for your family or patrons of your pool. Swimming Pool Management requires a lot of care to function efficiently; the water needs to be changed routinely, regular chlorination is also required for the prevention of the build-up of contaminants, while drainage ways and openings need to be serviced regularly to prevent blockages.

It is crucial to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of your pool as dirt and allergens are not just damaging to swimmers’ skin and hair but endanger their health and safety as well. Moreover, we specialize in the maintenance, repairs, and installations of various pool fixtures and we make sure your pool is in its best condition.

When it comes to swimming coaching, we provide customized swimming lessons that are delivered by our certified instructors. We understand that every person responds and learns differently to different teaching styles, while some may need specialized attention the certain areas of the technique. Let SNW Events come to your rescue! Let us provide you with specialized and skilled coaching from our patients and experienced instructors.

Hotel & Pool Lifeguard Singapore

Lastly, one of our more popular services is the provision of Hotel Lifeguard Singapore; we not only provide lifeguards for your pool but also train them. We pay utmost attention to our client's safety and well-being - we emphasize safety as an equal alongside the enjoyment of swimming. The security and safety of pool-goers are our primary concern, hence we ensure that all of our Pool Lifeguard Singapore for hire have undertaken the necessary lifesaving courses and yet, are continually being updated and educated on the latest Pool Lifeguard Singapore and first aid procedures.

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