Sports Instructor

A sports instructor is someone who provides coaching on the essential techniques of a specific sport, as well as in helping athletes with their overall fitness. They are responsible for the safety of their students, especially if special equipment is involved.

At SNW Events, all our sports instructors are qualified and are hugely experienced in engagement for the relevant type of sport. They are also CPR and AED certified and have been trained to react accordingly in the event of emergencies.

Duties of an SNW Events’ sports instructor:

• Develop and conduct training sessions
• Educate participants on the rules, technical terms, and technique of the sport
• Carry out physical conditioning sessions that are catered to a participant’s age and fitness level
• Demonstrate the proper way to handle equipment
• Modify training sessions to suit specific needs of participants or athletes
• Regularly monitor ongoing training and provide feedback when necessary
• Alertness and readiness to respond in the event of an emergency or injury

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