Testimonial #7
May 28, 2018
Testimonial #9
May 28, 2018

Testimonial #8

Thank you very much for your support for the event. Thank you for your patience in replying our queries readily and for accommodating our tight timeline. I appreciate that you stayed throughout the event to ensure that the show went on smoothly. Thank you for bravely suggesting the use of the LED screen. The LED screen allowed the audience to watch the appreciation videos even from a distance and served a dual purpose – as a backdrop. The LED screen met our requirements well and we received positive feedback on it.

The audio-visual team is professional. They went about their work without much fuss and took the initiative to check when in doubt. For example, despite being told they could not place their boxes as they had suggested, they quickly sought other avenues to resolve the issue. The set up was done within the required time and allowed the different groups of performers sufficient time to rehearse. Despite not being told in advance what the performances were until the day itself, the team was able to improvise and ensured that each performance could be heard clearly.

Kudos to the team and thank you once again for a job well done!

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